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La romana rahim and assalamu alaikum everyone today i am going to take you through the process of scanning the documents and converting them into a PDF using your android phone the app i'm going to use is camScanner note that there are many other apps that can perform the same function so to start with go to play store and search for the camScanner app this is the app we are going to use press install over here it will take some time to get installed so you have installed you can open the app by clicking on the Open button over here or you can go to your desktop and click on the app over here the first time you run the app it will take you through the introduction so you can swipe left to move forward and then the last page it will give you an option of buying this software if you want some additional features but for the time being we are going to skip it so I am going to cross it then it will ask you to register or sign in I'm also going to skip this thing I'm going to click on use now now it will ask me for certain permissions so I'm going to allow it to use my camera I'll cross it once again and that's it now we can start scanning our documents so to start scanning touch on this camera icon it will once again ask you for the permission to use camera so allow it it will give you an option to start a demo where it will show you that how you can use this app to scan the document right now I'm going to press cross over here so I'm going to scan this document right away this is my four-year-olds book I am going to scan it and convert it into a PDF so this is the first page just click on the camera button once you have focused appropriately onto the page now to crop it so that you can cover the whole range of the page you can drag any of these white circles like this for example in the upper left corner it is showing you a magnified view that where the that white circle is right now so adjust all these white circles unless you get a good cropping result I guess it is okay now I am going to click on the next button now over here it gives you an option for different colors if the document doesn't include any color I will recommend to use black and white option because it will automatically remove all kind of shadows present in your image but if there are colors then you can use any suitable color from here so once you have chosen this color click on save and it has now saved this first image now to add a new page or to ...