What Is a Good Java Library to Create PDF for Desktop Application?

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What is a good Java library to create PDF for desktop application?

Don’t start with code. Stunning is in the eye of the beholder, so I’m going to use a parallel example of a game-changing UI built in the 80’s using 6502 assembly language. That is an image of an original level design for Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros — notice it doesn’t have any code, or indication of what language or library to use. Super Mario Bros changed the face of the video game industry in part for its stunning UI. And I want to note that it didn’t invent the side scroller, its design is what stood out. While writing (brilliant) code was important, the most of the design and much of the development was on graphing paper. Develop and Design vs. Language, Framework, and Libraries Your question starts with “how do I develop,” so let’s focus on that for a moment. There is no one language, framework, or library which will help you develop UIs, only you can do that. JavaFX is a good choice, and will continue to be standard in the foreseeable future, but what really matters is understanding your own design and intent, and applying your tools to that end. Reduce Distraction If I search for “best Java UI libraries,” I get many results. Nearly anyone can make a library, open source it, and make it publicly available. In this search it also becomes apparent the three main results from Oracle are AWT, Swing, and JavaFX, but there are many reputed, and not so reputed, UI libraries and frameworks available. However, what you will encounter should you try to adopt any library is that t are all abstractions built upon Oracle’s already defined UI libraries. And you might learn the hard way that a lack of understanding of those fundamental Oracle libraries can lead to some very difficult to debug code later on. Furthermore, when you’re writing your application, you’ll need to understand your chosen framework in addition to Oracle’ UI libraries. So it may be better to learn Swing or JavaFX for now, which are better skills to have than some obscure framework, and then pick a library. But ultimately… Which Library? Pick a library and stick with it. The better you are, the more stunning it is.

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Pick a framework which will support your target project to the greatest degree possible, and then pick an app framework which best fits the goals of your app. Pick the UI framework which best supports your design and intent. Pick a framework library which is well written and designed. Pick a library which supports the most common use cases. Pick the library which has the best documentation. Read More about Developing UI Using Android API's And Finally… And Then… and Finally… And then you discover a new library which is so awesome you have to use it.