What Vba Code Will Create a PDF File from Selection of Certain Cells?

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What VBA code will create a PDF file from selection of certain cells in Excel, and prompt the user for a file name?

All the tools for programming Excel in VBA are included in the box. This is true for every version of Excel for Windows since 1994, except the one that came with the “Starter” version of Office 2010. It is also true for every version of Mac Excel except for Excel 2008. To start an Excel VBA application, you will definitely want to display the Developer menus on the ribbon. Rightclick an empty space on the ribbon, then choose Customize the Ribbon… from the resulting popup. On the right pane of the resulting dialog, check the box for the Developer menus, then click OK. To start programming, ALT + F11 to expose the VBA Editor, then Insert…Module to create a blank module sheet. Begin coding. If you don’t know how to program, or aren’t familiar with the VBA language, try recording a macro while you manually perform the task at hand. To start recording a macro, click the little icon next to “Ready” at the bottom left of the application window. You will be asked where the code should be stored (I prefer to keep it in the workbook), and what to name the macro. The macro recorder won’t write the best code and some actions don’t get recorded, but a recorded macro will generally show you the objects, methods and properties you need to be working with. To test or use the code that you just wrote, ALT + F8 to open the macro selector, choose your macro and hit the Run button. For most people, the code will be used to manipulate data, format cells or otherwise boss around stuff on the worksheet. These kind of tasks are generally performed by macros whose first line starts off with the keyword “Sub”. However, if your code is primarily aimed at calculating things, you might want to code it as a user-defined function instead. Then your code starts off with the keyword “Function” instead of “Sub”. User-defined functions can be called from worksheet formulas. In my day job as a mechanical engineer, 95% of the code I write is in the form of user-defined functions. These calculate things that are either messy or impossible when using worksheet formulas. After hours, when I answer Excel questions in help forums, the ratio flips and 95% of the code I post is in the form of Subs. Do I recommend books or courses to learn how to program VBA? While I’m partial to John Walkenbach’s series of books on Excel, you can start doing useful work without either books or courses. You do need to learn how to use a handful of statements before you begin programming. If a friend or colleague knows how to program VBA, t can teach you these statements in an hour. Everything else can be learned on the job. The necessary bits include. Declaration statements like Sub and Function Variable declaration statements like Dim and Static Assignment statements like Set Range(“A1.A10”) = myRange or x = 2 + myVariable Logical statement blocks If…Then…Else…End If, and Select Case Looping blocks For…Next, For Each xxx in yyy…Next, and Do…Loop

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